Content Creation - March 2019


Want to learn how to easily create a year's worth of content today?

Yes! I'm in!

If you’re stuck trying to create content, this is for you!

If you're anything like my clients and me, you've been hearing over and over that "content is king".  

Yet it can feel like a never-ending slog of content delivery via Facebook + email + Instagram + your podcast + video...the list goes on and on.  

(Sometimes, you wish you could just live on an island for a month and get away from it all. 🌴)  

You wonder how to continually be inspired to release content, and you don't know the best way to keep it all organized. 

That's exactly why I've created this guide!

Inside the guide, you'll...

  • Learn how to build your own content calendar (step by step)
  • Get the exact framework I use to write my value-packed emails
  • Generate a year's worth of email content in a day (it is possible and then you can cross-pollinate across social media!)
  • See my top converting subject line examples (and learn why they worked so you can replicate them in your own business)
  • Get my sales email checklist to guide your leads to the sale (faster)
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Sound too good to be true? Check out what people are saying about this training...

" I have a year's worth of content ideas created...and I'm in the process of planning out my sales conent for my launch next month"

Those results are possible for you too!

We help women who dream big, go big! Check out our client results...

“…I’ve run a group course ‘discover the mindset’ that had 21 participants and I’ve also been coaching awesome women one-on-one, empowering them to build their own unique online personal brand as well.”  

- Tilean Clarke

“After working with Emily, I know what I want to do, who I want to serve and know that there is so much for me, for my family and my future. I have made more in one month of coaching than in my full-time and online business combined...”  

- Theresa Nguyen

"Now I’m coaching incredible clients around the globe, traveling to exotic destinations and living my bucket list. Extraordinary has become my new normal.”  

- Camilla Carboni