Happening LIVE July 6th-10th

Ready to know what it really takes to create a life better than your dreams? We're breaking it down in this 5-day challenge where the goal is literally to get you to say "I don't even recognize my own life"!


Hosted by Emily Williams, 7-Figure Success Coach and the Founder of I Heart My Life

During this Challenge , we will uncover shifts in your Mindset & Desires so you can discover how to...

  • Become crystal clear about what it is that you truly desire and want out of your life - then go after it.
  • Release the guilt you feel about wanting more from your life - including that yearning for more wealth and abundance.
  • Embrace what's truly possible for you - even if the numbers in your bank account are holding you back.
  • Stop living a life defined by a lack of happiness and an overall feeling of...is this really it for me? - and instead, live a light that lights you up.
  • Become confidence in claiming the life you're craving - and have an actual action plan to make it happen.

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THE DREAM: You'll uncover those desires that you have pushed away because you have felt safe playing small. We will bring your dreams to the surface.


THE ILLUSION: You'll move through the denial and understand how you have been programed to not show up. Learn exactly why you have been sabotaging your own dreams.


THE INCREDIBLE: You'll learn the importance of discovering that what seems impossible now can be possible when you adapt the "anything can happen" mentality.


THE VISION: You'll be challenged and pushed to dream bigger than you ever have before by facing exactly what it is that you want out of your life.


THE ACTION: You'll have a fail-proof plan to start taking action to achieve those dreams.

Founded by Emily Williams, the I Heart My Life Team specializes in working with driven female entrepreneurs who know they are meant for something big and want to the tools and strategies to be able to make their big dreams a reality and achieve massive success in their business and life.  

This mission was inspired by Emily after she too stopped denying the feeling in her heart that she was destined for something greater.

After experiencing a quarter life crisis, Emily moved from Ohio to London (where she knew no one!) and in 2014 launched her business, I Heart My Life. She made $442 in her first month—and then went on to hit six figures in six months, before her 30th birthday.
She grew it to seven figures in under 18 months.  

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  •  You’ll be surrounded by other driven entrepreneurs and feel inspired to take action on your dreams.
  • You'll get access to exclusive trainings each day of the challenges.
  • You'll be fully supported by our team of elite coaches.
  • We'll share real life success stories of women who have turned this challenge into incredible things in their own lives!

We have a certain amount of energy available to us each day, and yet so much of it is used on putting up with or tolerating far less than ideal circumstances in our lives. Whether it's not having enough money, spending too much time cleaning the house, or something as little as tolerating a computer with a sticky keyboard -- we're all settling in ways we don't have to. When you list out and track your tolerations, you'll start to see how easy it can be to transform your life and go from someone who's settling, to someone who's living an extraordinary life.


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